The ultimate fitting comPRESSion support! 

What is the Press Wrap


Press Wrap was developed and designed by a certified orthotist & pedorthist with over 2 decades of hands on experience. Press Wrap is the perfect fitting double lines neoprene support with a Velcro (R)  style hook and loop closure system that provides adjustable comPRESSion to body parts such as ankles, shins, knees, thighs, forearms, elbows, lower back, hips, and ribs. It is a good support for sprained or strained ankles.  It can be used in water, unlike most other supports or bracing. Press Wrap can be used to hold an Ice pack in place before, during, or after sports, and for emergency use. It is non-binding so it does not impair circulation.


Accomplish your goals -  from walking to workout!


Press Wrap is an excellent support for  Plantar Fasciitis, whether you are wearing sandals, sneakers, shoes, or even barefoot. It can be used to provide calf support in the case of shin splints, gastrocnemius, or soleus injuries. Knees suffer a multitude of injuries such as meniscus tears. Tendinitis, and Illeotibial Band Syndrome. Press Wrap helps stabilize and compress the surrounding area to provide mild stability and aid in healing. For charlie horse or hamstring pulls, it provides welcome support. The forearms and elbows are subject to various types of injuries or sometimes just need protection against impacts or excessive use during sporting activities or sensitive skin. The lower back and hip area are vulnerable to many activities. Press Wrap provides mild to moderate support with strong fully adjustable comPRESSion. It can be used to substitute a rib belt and is typically better than a rib belt since it expands and contracts with every breath.


We are here for you!


We encourage you to contact us about our Press Wraps! If you have questions about how they work, how they are sized, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our Florida-based team for some answers. If you live in the Pembroke Pines area, feel free to stop in and see them for yourself at our store. We are always happy to share details about what makes our product unique. We encourage you to browse our web pages to learn more about our Press Wraps, and visit the Contact page if you’d like to get the address for our location. Our company looks forward to serving you!

Testimonial 1

" Big difference! Lowered my leg pain... Thank you so much!."


- Mary -

Testimonial 2

" I was absolutely thrilled that it held my foot in the water! I was able to do my excercises without any pain! Thank you, THANK YOU!! "


- Audrey -

Testimonial 3

" Press Wrap gives you the support you need with the added benefit of being able to move your body during any other excercise."


- Kathy -

Testimonial 4

" This wrap is 5x better or more than all the others I used... Great product!!"


- Jim -

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