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Sole-lutions Footwear has a number of different-sized comPRESSion wraps for sale through our online store—and we ship nationwide! Choose whatever size is most appropriate for your particular needs; you will see a full product listing below. Most people pick a size based on whether they will be using them as leg wraps, arm wraps, or for some other use. Please note the color of the band you are ordering, as they come in beige and black. If you aren’t sure which Press Wrap will work best for your situation, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer whatever guidance we can. We also offer some additional product information on our Catalog page, so you can take a look there, as well.

Wraps for sale

Please take a look at our current inventory below and place your order today! All of our Press Wraps are hand and machine washable. 


2" Press Wrap


$29.95 – Beige or Black


The 2" Press Wrap is perfect for ankles, elbows, children, and smaller adults. 


3" Press Wrap 


$34.95 – Beige or Black


The 3" Press Wrap is perfect for shins, arms, legs, and knees


4" Press Wrap 


$39.95 – Beige or Black


The 4" Press Wrap is perfect for waist and back support. It is also ideal for larger individuals for wrapping legs and knees.


Fast shipment


When you place your order with us, we’ll process it quickly so that you get your Press Wrap fast. We know that if you are ordering a Press Wrap, you probably need it now! We make every effort to ship orders in a timely fashion—and you can expect us to get the order right, too. If you have any questions about our products prior to ordering, feel free to give us a call.

Place your order today!


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