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Ankle support and more!


Sole-lutions Footwear is proud to present our Press Wrap athletic wraps, designed to provide ankle support, elbow support, and anything else you may need from a comPRESSion wrap. Our sturdy wraps are made out of neoprene and offer a Velcro-style closure for easy adjustability. Their strength and durability in all conditions make this the ideal athletic bandage! View our bandages that come in both beige and black.

Wrap sizing


We have Press Wrap sizes for all of your needs, and our smaller wraps work well for children. Below are the items we currently have in our product catalog, along with our recommendations for use. Naturally, you can select whatever item you feel would be most suited to your needs.



for Ankles and Child Size



for Shins, Knees, and Arms



for Large Knees, Thighs, Waist, Hips, Back, and Ribs


Each of our wraps is designed especially to provide comPRESSion support that’s just right for you. 

Designed for use


Unlike some of our competitors, the Press Wrap is washable. You can either clean our wraps by hand or put them in your washing machine. In addition, Press Wraps are tough and built to stand up to use. They can be used in the water, in the mud, or in any application where you need some support that will hold up to the elements. We’ve put in to the test, and it does great in all kinds of conditions. This means you can use your Press Wrap anywhere, any time! Order yours today from our online Store. We’re based in Florida, but we ship nationwide.

Order your Press Wrap from us today!


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